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The Results of our Study

The Best Neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte NC Best Neighborhoods is designed to be a complete guide to the best neighborhoods in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This site is the result of countless hours evaluating all the communities and neighborhoods in and around Charlotte, North Carolina.  The primary criteria used to select the top five communities was the following:

  • Amenities
  • Traffic
  • Proximity to Shopping, Entertainment, Dining
  • School System
  • Cost of Living and Taxes
  • Overall Sense of Community among Residents
  • Location
  • Cost of homes

In our research we determined that a core criteria for a great community are the amenities in the community.  Amenities bring residents together and help create a strong bond between all the residents of the community.  Visit our amenities page for more information on the imporance of amenities.

Charlotte NC Best Neighborhoods

After we completed and published our list we received an overwhelming number of requests for the specific locations of each of these communities.  Thus we have added another page with maps to each of the communities.  Visit the Locations Page for more information.

 The results of the search can be found in their entirety on this site.  We narrowed the list of all the communities in Charlotte down to the 5 best and then ranked these five to determine the best overall neighborhood in Charlotte NC.  As you can immagine different people have different tastes so the winner of Charlotte NC best Neighborhoods may not be the right fit for you and your family.  However, we have found that many people find it to be a wonderful location and if it doesn't suit you then it is likely that one of the other best neighborhoods will be a great fit for you in Charlotte NC.

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