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Top 5 Charlotte NC Best Neighborhoods

The top 5 best neighborhoods were chosen by local residents in and around the Charlotte Area.  Some of the criteria used in determining the winners were local residents comments, quanitity and quality of amentities, location, proximity to shopping and entertainment, traffic, school system, cost of living and much more…  Lots of hard work and effort went into finalizing this list and there was a lot of competition for the top spots.  The final winners are ranked in order with the very best neighborhood first.

 Verdict Ridge

Verdict Ridge

Winner: Best Neighborhood in Charlotte 

In analyzing all the criteria used to select the Charlotte NC best Neighborhoods, Verdict Ridge was near the top of all the categories making it a clear winner.  Verdict Ridge is just 20 minutes from downtown Charlotte NC but is not included in the Charlotte metro area, which means is has some of the lowest taxes and with Lincoln County Schools, some of the best schools in the area.

The Verdict Ridge Golf Course is a work of art, and is often ranked as one of North Carolina’s top courses.  The other amenities are in line with the quality of the course, a large swimming pool, generous clubhouse, tennis courts, and more.

Another reason Verdict Ridge is a clear winner is its location and feel.  Situated in the path of progress and growth of the city however, with very little traffic due to new infrastructure and roads.  Newly added are Northlake Mall, Interstate 485, Highway 16 and a Wal-Mart Shopping Center.  The unique feel of the rolling hills make you feel like you are on vacation in the mountains when visiting this lovely spot.

Finally Verdict Ridge is obtainable as a living option for the average family and also home to the wealthy as well.  Custom homes in the community range from $500,000 to in the multi millions but don’t be scared off by these high price tags.  Bellamy Homes is building new homes with prices in the upper $200’s and price per square foot under $85.  The value of a quality home, top notch surroundings and great price point, make this one of the best buys in the area.

Summary: Top Ranked in All our Categories and Affordable, a clear winner

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Charlotte NC Best Neighborhoods



The Point 

First Runner Up, 2nd Place 

The Point is a waterfront community on Lake Norman in the busy are of Mooresville.  The Point was developed by Crescent Resources and most of the homes in the community are complete.  Although expensive, this community is Charlottes premier waterfront community and it shows.  The community includes a golf course, gigantic club house, and lots of open space.  The community is nicely situated well away from the busy traffic on Interstate 77 and the county is currently working on making access to the community easier by widening Brawley School Road which leads the community (This roadwork should be completed by 2011 at the latest).

Mooresville is a popular place with superb schools, which may be part of the reason they are so crowded.  Folks are recognizing the opportunity to live in this great location.  There is plenty to do nearby with Lake Norman, shopping and only about 45 minutes from downtown Charlotte. 

The main downside to this community is the price, which is to be expected considering being near the water.  You will struggle to find a nice home in this community under 800,000.  Combine the expensive homes with high membership fees to use their pool and other amenities and most families are priced out of this community.

Summary: Despite the high costs, this is a lovely waterfront community and with the additional roads which will be completed soon it will have a lot less traffic in the near future


 The Pont


Second Runner Up. 3rd Place 

Ballantyne is an area of charlotte that was established around 1998 and has grown into its own sub city of Charlotte.  Most families that locate in Ballantyne find they never need to leave.  Ballantyne has a large office park and corporate buildings so most families who live in the area have work nearby.  There is also a full resort in the area that includes a golf course, spa facilities and hotel for your visitors to enjoy.  Since 1998 it has seen rapid growth and lots of people have moved to the area.

Ballantyne is located about 20 minutes south of the city, however at various times of the day, traffic can be very heavy in this area.  This area is not a good choice if you will be commuting downtown frequently because nearby Interstate 485 comes to a standstill in the mornings and afternoons.

Most of the housing in the Ballantyne area is upscale and even the townhomes cost as much as some individual homes in other parts of the city.  However there are many housing options in the area including upscale apartments which allow you to try out the area before you make a permanent move.

Summary: A fully contained community just outside of charlotte has everything you need, the only downside is the heavy traffic in the mornings and afternoons.